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Steven W. Pearson, M.D.

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Matthew Harrison, MD

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    Renee N

    Dr. Harrison was prompt, patient, clearly explained my diagnosis and options and took the time to be sure I understood. I highly recommend this doctor.
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    Jack M

    Had only a moderate wait. Dr. Harrison was pleasant, directed his attention to my problem right away, and quickly found a solution. Very satisfactory visit.
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    Terry H

    Dr Harrison is an excellent Doctor! Followed him , he is that good. Kind, caring, thorough and smart. Highly recommend him.
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    Stella Q

    Dr. Harrison answered all my questions. I know from my physician, Dr. Frawley that he is very competent. He inspires trust.
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    Brian J

    Great as always. Very knowledgeable of my injury and not rushing into surgery like some doctors out there. Highly recommended.
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    Lisa G

    Dr. Harrison is a talented surgeon who has greatly improved my quality of life by reconstructing my foot. Highly recommend this great doctor!
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    Crisy W

    My post op visit took 30 minutes including X-rays. I’m very happy with my results.
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    Scott H

    Dr. Harrison CURED my achilles tendinosis. He performed Platelet Rich Plasma treatment My achilles, after stretching and recovery from the treatment, went from constant limping to easy walking ability.

    Although it still hurt, a news article about Alpha-ketoglutarate caught my eye. The article claimed increased circulation to extremities especially the achilles tendon. This supplement is used by body builders. After only one month on this supplement, my achilles is completely healed.

    No only physical healing, but relief of mental worry and stress are the result of Dr Harrison's PRP treatment followed by the AKG supplement.

    Thank you.
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    Joseph Z

    Dr Harrison was very helpful with my understanding of the injuries I have in my foot. He was very professional and saw me in a timely manner
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    Joshua K

    Great doctor. Following his instructions exactly leads to the best results. Gave me the ability to be super active without chronic pain. Staff is super helpful too
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